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Donating to Sarva is easy:


Donate using Paypal (click on the Paypal logo above). Please note Paypal will take a commission fee from your donation.

Donate to Sarva via the Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation

Or you can donate via the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) online donation system by clicking the CAF logo above and searching for "SARVASHUBHAMKARA".


You can send a cheque to the Sarva registered office:
17 York Road
BN21 4SS
United Kingdom

Sarva is committed to ensuring that not one penny donated is lost to salaries, administration or expenses.
All contributions are thereby guaranteed to have a direct impact on the quality of someone else’s life.

  • £5: one month's personal allowance for a full-time student
  • £700: one year at a good private senior school, including all textbooks and uniforms
  • £1,338: one year's nursing/midwifery training (3 ½-year course), including all textbooks, uniforms, board & lodging

  • About Sarva

    About Sarva

    Sarva's projects are small and varied, specifically adapted to the needs of the people and the communities with which the charity works.

    Sarva - Leprosy


    An entirely curable disease, those affected by leprosy and their families are the principal focus of Sarva’s projects...

    Please contact us if you would like any further information about Sarva's work.


    Please get in touch with us if you would like any further information about the work we undertake.