About Sarva

SARVASHUBHAMKARA is a Sanskrit name, meaning 'he who does good to all'. For ease of pronunciation outside India, the abbreviated name of Sarva is used. With no political or religious affiliations, Sarva seeks out and undertakes small-scale projects amongst the most underprivileged and disenfranchised people of the Indian subcontinent. It is only through the generosity of its supporters that Sarva has already been able to provide long-denied human contact, unimagined opportunities, and significant relief from suffering to many.


Sarva's projects are small and varied, specifically adapted to the needs of the people and the communities with which the charity works. Personal relationships are developed with them all, actively encouraging them to democratically choose amongst themselves what intervention they require. In this way, their most pressing needs are identified.

One of the charity's primary principles is that not one penny donated is lost to salaries, administration or travel costs. It is thus that all contributions have a direct impact on the quality of someone else's life - on the level of their pain, on the extent of their isolation, and on the opportunity for them to change the course of their lives in ways they could not have previously dared to believe. We, the trustees, thank you for your interest in our work.


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